Asked Canada’s Cannabis Leaders

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As we launch Business of Cannabis, we wanted to speak to key industry players to get their thoughts on what 2018 will look like as recreational cannabis becomes decriminalized in Canada in a segment we call, BofC // Asked. We spoke with industry legends Chuck Rifici and Hugo Alves from Wheaton Income. We interviewed John Prentice – CEO of Ample Organics. We learned from Andrew Muroff and David Berg from Strainprint. We had a legal briefing from Eric Foster at Dentons. We learned how unions are thinking about the future from Smokey Thomas from the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. Influencer and industry leader Will Stewart from Navigator was kind enough to share his perspective. And finally, we spoke with April Pride from Van der Pop and Tokyo Smoke about her experience normalizing cannabis use – especially for women. BofC // Asked, now it’s your turn.

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