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Wisconsin Introduces New Bill For Adult-Use Cannabis Legalisation

Wisconsin lawmakers have introduced a new bill which would legalise adult-use cannabis consumption, the possession of up to five ounces for over 21s, and remove criminal penalties for those under 21.

Just months after lawmakers voted against a legalisation bill in June, the second time in two months, a pair of Democratic representatives are attempting to legalise recreational cannabis in the state once again.

On Friday by Sen. Melissa Agard, the state Senate Democratic Leader, and Rep. Darrin B. Madison introduced a bill which seeks to regulate the production, distribution and sale of cannabis.

It would also enable the roll out of cannabis consumption lounges, which would pay 10% tax on cannabis sales, while a further 15% wholesale tax would also be imposed.

Furthermore, 60% of this tax revenue would be reinvested into funding community reinvestment grants, and according to Mr Madison the bill would lay ‘a solid foundation for those that have been harshly convicted for non-violent possession charges and the ramifications of those convictions.’

In this vein, those previously convicted of cannabis offences which would be legalised by the bill would see their convictions dismissed, expunged or reviewed by the courts.

Despite public support, with a reported 69% of Wisconsin residents supporting full legalisation, the bill is expected to come up against stark opposition in the Republican-majority legislature, which has not yet legalised medical cannabis in the state.

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