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Voters in five states took to the polls this week for the US midterms, with Missouri and Maryland voting for bills that allow adult use cannabis consumption and sales.

The development sees the US with a total of 21 states with legal recreational cannabis. Missouri, which has had a medical cannabis programme since 2018, voted to approve Amendment 3 which will now see cannabis decriminalised in the state – opening the market to recreational sales.

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In Maryland, which has had a medical cannabis programme since 2013, voters approved Amendment 4, which will allow for the personal possession of up to 1.5oz of cannabis and for the home cultivation of up to two plants, and regulations will be enacted for the distribution and taxation of cannabis products.

Three of America’s conservative states, North and South Dakota and Arkansas, voted against bills that would have enabled adult-use cannabis.

A welcome development for cannabis

The votes have been largely welcomed by the cannabis industry which is now anticipating the FDA review of the Scheduling of cannabis as announced by Biden earlier this month.

In a statement on its website, Deputy Director of NORML, a social welfare organisation advocating for the reform of US cannabis laws, Paul Armentano, said the development will expand civil liberties.

“While this year’s midterm elections may not have been a ‘clean sweep’ for reform advocates, our momentum continues unabated,” said Armentano.

“Are we in a stronger place today than we were yesterday? Of course. Two more states, Maryland and Missouri, have wisely elected to legalise and regulate cannabis — policies that will expand the freedoms and civil liberties of over seven million Americans.

“In addition, voters in cities across this country — including over 400,000 Texans — acted to end the senseless and counterproductive policy of arresting and prosecuting those who possess and use cannabis.”

One Toronto-based cannabis company, Heritage Cannabis Holdings has stated that the Missouri outcome is expected to have positive impacts on its recently launched U.S. strategy to enter medical and recreational legalised states.

CEO of Heritage, David Schwede, commented: “The timing of this couldn’t be more perfect with production up and running in Missouri and products ready to ship imminently.

“We are very pleased with this market development and Heritage is poised to capture market share with our established brands and formulations, adding a high gross margin revenue stream to the business.

“Missouri is expected to see strong growth as legalisation takes shape and Heritage is well positioned to capture a piece of this burgeoning medical and recreational market.

“Our leadership team is focused heavily on the State and the opportunities that it presents the Company.”

Brian Vicente, a founding partner at the leading cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg LLP, commented: “Even in unpredictable political times, cannabis measures still pass.

“With several states voting to legalise, more and more Americans are recognising that regulated cannabis markets are more sensible than prohibition.

“These votes move the country closer to an important psychological and policy milestone—having a majority of states with legal cannabis.

“These votes will provide a boost to cannabis reformers in DC, which makes significant federal reform a real possibility this year.”

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