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US elections: Good for Canadian cannabis?

This week (and perhaps the next several) is going to be overrun with political news from the US Presidential race – where the fate of democracy and decency is on the line.

But it won’t be the only election news. 5 US states have cannabis ballot measures – and we just got the final word from New Zealand on their ballot measure last month.

On the Business of Cannabis front, we have a few events coming up which you’ll be reading about – Medical Cannabis Week (Nov. 16-20), a Cannabis Forward event you won’t want to miss (Nov. 18) and a yet-to-be-announced look at cannabis retail in 2021 (stay tuned). 

Also, if you didn’t get a chance to subscribe and read the latest issue of Weekly Chronicle, we encourage you to do so. When you do, you’ll find last week’s story about how one Canadian cannabis company has been able to fast-track the drug-discovery path because of COVID-19.

It was a busy week in cannabis – and not just because of the US elections.

Read on…

In the latest issue of the Weekly Chronicle, our Editor-in-Chief Jameson Berkow explores how one Canadian company has been able to fast-track drug discovery based on its possible effectiveness treating COVID-19 symptoms. Subscribe to read the full story.

Late breaking news this Monday morning, cannabis retail giant Fire & Flower is acquiring Friendly Stranger. New Cannabis Ventures

Some sad news from Delta, BC that broke yesterday. Remember the Canopy Growth facility in BC? It burned down yesterday. Vancouver Sun

The New Zealand legalization measure failed (MJ Biz Daily), but the Prime Minister voted ‘yes’. NZ Herald

Germany is (sort of) taking New Zealand’s lead and not taking up recreational legalization. MJ Biz Daily

To the US, where we had two BofC Live dedicated to US-based election insights focused on 5 state ballot measures tomorrow:

Liz Stahura from our partners at BDSA took a look at the elections in Arizona, New Jersey, Montana, South Dakota and Mississippi (?). Watch.


Pam Moore from MJ Biz Daily shared their view of the election’s impact on cannabis – as well as what a Vegas-less MJ Biz Con means for attendees. Watch.

One of the least likely places to have a cannabis ballot measure is Mississippi. Yet, here we are. But there’s one Mississippi Mayor that is (still) trying a last-ditch effort to get the measure thrown out. MJ Biz Daily

And even in places where cannabis is legal, caps on retailers is an issue. Enter: Portland, Maine, where a measure is on the ballot tomorrow to put a 20-store cap in place. Press Herald

Inevitably, there will be many more stories about how the measures in the US will affect the Canadian cannabis sector. But here’s one if you’re interested: Global

And another one. New Cannabis Ventures

And with all the measures heading to the ballot tomorrow, an important note update about impaired driving and cannabis use by teenagers when cannabis becomes legal: nothing changes. USA Today

Nothing goes better together than the Grateful Dead and cannabis. Enter: Garcia Hand Picked Forbes

Somewhat lost in the hubbub about the election in the US, HEXO reported their earnings last week, bringing out the online snark from Matt Lamers… MJ Biz Daily

Finally, your moment of Zen for this week. CAFE is advertising on Facebook…

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