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US takeover opens new chapter for Taylor Mammon

Following its takeover by one the world’s largest cannabis companies, UK CBD manufacturer Taylor Mammon is about to become a global force to be reckoned with. 

CBD manufacturer, private label accelerator, and product distributor Taylor Mammon announced on Monday 22 March that the company had been bought by GenCanna, a major US producer of hemp-derived, THC-free cannabinoids.

The deal – the first of its kind for a UK CBD company – culminates the evolution of a successful three-year relationship, in which GenCanna served as Taylor Mammon’s primary source of CBD and other cannabinoids.

Coming hot on the heels of an 18-month initiative to prepare for its novel foods application, Taylor Mammon’s union with GenCanna has not only fast-tracked this compliance milestone, but narrows the borders between the US and the UK industries, positioning Taylor Mammon as a full-service, worldwide CBD gateway.

It’s an impressive climb for the firm which was established in 2018, borne of personal health battles.

Co-founders, Oliver Mammon, who has Tourettes syndrome, and Nathan Wogman, who was looking for an alternative to opioids to manage his osteoarthritis, began manufacturing CBD in Mammon’s kitchen five years ago.

They then approached brothers James and Alex Taylor, who were running a vape business to bring in branding and distribution expertise.

Taylor Mammon quickly built a reputation as an honest and transparent company, built on its founder’s commitment to create the best products possible for people.

“It started as three guys working out the kitchen making products and over the last five years we have built ourselves up into something quite special,” said Mammon, lab director for the company.

“Off the back of this merger, we’re one of the biggest cannabis companies in the world – I’m a little bit blown away that we’ve managed to accomplish this.”

He continued: “I was never expecting to kind of have this kind of success story. I came into this world as a patient, we are people who have reaped the benefits of CBD ourselves and never wanted to jump on the commercial bandwagon.

“We want what’s best for the industry as a whole and for me it’s all about products being correct.”

The firm has insisted that nothing will change operationally and the current executive team will remain in place in the UK to continue supporting its clients – albeit with more resources behind it.

“With this new merger Taylor Mammon can guarantee the same consistency, reliability, efficacy and customer relations that it has done for the last few years, but now with increased strength and stability,” continued Mammon.

“I’m excited to be able to provide longevity and consistency to our clients going forward.”

GenCanna, whose chief scientist created CBD tinctures for American epilepsy patient Charlotte Figi, felt like a perfect fit for the Taylor Mammon team, with chief commercial officer James Taylor revealing that it came down to the “personalities” and values of the firm.

“GenCanna have a tonne of experience and very strong infrastructure in the US, where they are a really trusted source of supply for raw ingredients.

“Their understanding of CBD really sets them apart as true experts in the field that they are playing in,” he said.

“For me it definitely came down to personality, the characters within their business and the mix of ages, experience and professionalism. The crossover of that dynamic within the business gave me a definite sense of assurance.

“GenCanna is an extremely strong business that is here to stay and so is Taylor Mammon.”

The fact this landmark deal has been negotiated in the midst of a global pandemic is a good forecast for the future of the cannabis industry as a whole, added Taylor.

“COVID has had an impact on every sector, not just CBD and for transactions to happen through a pandemic is a good tell-tale sign that big corporations can see a light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

“The story of a CBD business being acquired through a pandemic – and to be one of the first in the UK – should really motivate the industry.

“I think we’ll see big corporates and larger FMCG companies watching this activity happening and wanting to get involved.”

While Taylor Mammon is not yet in a position to reveal its next steps, the cannabis space can expect big things afoot.

In Mammon’s own words: “One of the biggest farms in the world and one of Europe’s leading manufacturers have come together to create a super powerhouse.

“As long as we continue to stay true to our morals and to do exactly what we have been doing, the world should expect something big.”

Commenting on the announcement on Monday,  Andrew Barnett CEO of GenCanna said: “As one of our long-term and valued customers, we admired Taylor Mammon’s philosophy and approach to CBD.

“This alliance — which we understand is the first of its kind for a UK-based CBD company — drives unique and mutually beneficial operational and marketing synergies that will catapult product development, sales, and revenue opportunities within our respective geographies.”

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