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Stirling CBD to launch first CBGA and CBDA water soluble products

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Stirling CBD has launched new gummies containing CBGA and CBDA alongside a new water-soluble liquid that can be added to products.

The gummies are not only full-spectrum and water-soluble but also contain zinc and Vitamin C for added health benefits. Each gummy has approximately 11mg CBGA and 11mg CBDA.

CBGA and CBDA are just two of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBGA has been gaining popularity across different products from gummies to skincare. It is thought to have benefits for appetite, pain and sleep. CBGA is often referred to as ‘the mother of all cannabinoids’ as all other cannabinoids are derived from cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). There is very little CBG in plants often as low as one per cent so it makes CBG more expensive than CBD products. CBD is much more available in plants at 20 to 25 per cent.

CBDA is a compound that serves as a precursor to CBD. CBDA happens when CBD is heated such as in a vape or through smoking. It can happen at a slower rate if CBD is left in the sun. CBDA works similarly to CBD in that it interacts with the receptors in our bodies. It is thought to have benefits for inflammation, nausea and vomiting.

CBGA and CBDA studies

There has been a lot of discussion around studies examining the effects of CBG and CBGA on Covid in recent weeks. It is thought to interfere with the protein spikes that allow Covid to enter the body meaning it could potentially protect against Covid in high doses. However, researchers have called for more research.

In addition to the gummies, Stirling has partnered with CaviCann to develop a CBGA and CBDA water-soluble liquid for sale. The water-soluble liquid can be added to a number of different products including drinks, tinctures and capsules.

Products containing CBD are usually found in oils such as hemp seed or flaxseed. While this is normally fine for a standard dose, there are some products that need water-soluble. Any drink that contains CBD or CBGA can benefit from water-soluble as it can be mixed into the drink. Otherwise, the oil floats to the top of the drink making it difficult to taste anything other than oil.

CBGA / CBDA: Stirling CBD releases new water soluble products

Water-soluble CBD is also essential in any products that are used around latex such as condoms. Oil-based products can rot latex causing breakages.

Joe Kryszak, CEO of Stirling said: “It does not surprise us that the groundbreaking study proved that CBGA or CBDA is such a powerful combination as we have been working on perfecting this formula for months. Our research on these compounds was going on well before last week’s hype and news stories from national publications about how truly amazing the CBGA and CBDA combination is.

He added: “When the CBGA and CBDA study was released, we knew it was going to be a race for companies to launch these products – but we were ready and moved up our initial launch by one week to make sure we were first to ship products into the market. Not only were we first, but we predict it will be a while before other companies figure out how to make a water-soluble, full-spectrum CBGA and CBDA solution.”

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