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Portugal Has 42 Licensed Medicinal Cannabis Companies, but Another 150 Are in Process

As reported by Cannareporter

Portugal remains well positioned to be one of the main producers of medicinal cannabis in the world. There are currently 42 companies with licenses from the Infarmed IP to operate in activities related to medicinal cannabis in Portugal, 8 more than in 2022, a growth of 23.5%.

However, there are another 150 entities with the documentation to continue in the licensing process, which could considerably increase the number of companies operating in the cannabis sector nationally in the near future.

This year, Infarmed issued 76 new authorisations to cultivate, manufacture, import, export and distribute cannabis, but it has another 265 requests in the post-decision or suitability for inspection phase: 98 requests for inspection for cultivation, 38 for manufacturing, 115 for import/export and 14 for wholesale distribution.

Currently, 24 companies have licenses for cultivation, 15 for the manufacture and preparation of substances and preparations, 12 for wholesale trade and 32 have licenses for import and export. 17 already have EU-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

Portugal exported more than 5.4 tons of cannabis until August 2023, mainly for Germany, Poland and Australia, but doctors continue to prescribe very little in the country. Only 524 packages were prescribed of the only substance that is available to Portuguese patients: Tilray Flor Seca with 18% THC.

The data was released this week by the National Authority for Medicines and Health Products IP and Cannareporter updated the map and lists of licensed companies with the latest numbers.

The location of companies on the map corresponds to their tax headquarters and not necessarily to the place of cultivation or activity carried out. Some of these companies accumulate several types of licenses, for different areas of activity related to cannabis.

New companies operating with cannabis in Portugal

In 2023 there are new companies with licenses for medicinal cannabis in Portugal: Sun Light Greens, Belvedere Pharma, GBE Pharma, Canneurox Portugal (or Avextra) and Schroll Flavors are now also on the cultivation lists.

With regard to manufacturing, the entry into this specific area of ​​Somaí, Sociedade Agrícola Monte das Barrocas, Lda. (which already had cultivation in 2022), Bluestabil, Blossom Genetics, ISQ – Instituto de Soldadura, stands out. and Quality and Technophage.

In wholesale trade, Jazz Pharmaceuticals France – Sucursal em Portugal, Alliance Healthcare and Galaxiavertical entered the game.

Import and export were the sectors where the largest number of companies were licensed. This year, Blossom Genetics, Canneurox Portugal (Avextra), Somaí, Sun Light Greens, Belvedere Pharma, GBE Pharma, Schroll Flavors, Galaxiavertical and Jazz Pharmaceuticals France – Branch in Portugal entered.

Seven new companies managed to obtain EU-GMP certification: Bluestabil – Stability Studies Services, Sociedade Agrícola Monte das Barrocas, Somaí, Cannprisma, ISQ – Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, Technophage and Blossom Genetics.

Companies that are no longer included in Infarmed’s lists

Last year, VF1883 was the company that stood out for having disappeared from the lists of companies licensed by Infarmed. This year, the absence of Clever Leaves is confirmed, which abandoned operations in Portugal and lost all licenses, but this company was not the only one to no longer appear on the lists of licensed companies.

Three other companies lost or did not renew their license for wholesale trade: Empifarma-Produtos Farmacêuticos, Medlog – Logística Farmacêutica and Cooprofar – Cooperativa dos Proprietários de Farmácia.

For the full, updated lists of all the companies licensed by Infarmed, visit Cannareporter.

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