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New York is Biggest Global Cannabis Consumer at 62.3 Tonnes Per Year

CFAH has updated its 2023 Cannabis Price Index, collecting data on cannabis prices from 140 cities worldwide and ranking them from least costly to most expensive for both illegal and legal weed.

The new data from CFAH has shown that New York City is the biggest cannabis consumer in the US – consuming up to 62.3 metric tonnes per year.

This is followed by Syndney, Australia, where cannabis is illegal, where 45.8 tonnes of cannabis is consumed per year, Los Angeles, US, where 35 tonnes of legal cannabis is comsumed, and Chicago where 29.9 tonnes of legal cannabis is consumed.

The fifth highest consuming city across the globe is Rome – at 21.9 grammes of illegal cannabis per year.

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When accounting for both illegal and legal cannabis across the globe, the Index also reveals cannabis flower price per gramme, showing that Tokyo has the most expensive cannabis in the world at $33.8 per gram, followed by Dublin, Ireland, at $22.5, Tallinn, Estonia at $22.1, Rishon Letsiyon, Israel at $21.0 and Stavanger, Norway at $20.8.

Equally, the Index has shown the cheapest cannabis flower per gramme can be found in Montreal, Canada at $5.9, followed by Bangalore, India at $6.0, Notre Dame, Canada at $6.2, Kabul, Afghanistan at $6.3 and Vancouver, Canada at $6.3. Additionally, at $7 per gram, Portland has the cheapest cannabis in the United States.

In the UK, the city of Swindon has the most expensive cost of flower per gramme coming in at $16.2, and Chesterfield coming in at the lowest price of $7.4.

The index has suggested that the price of cannabis per gramme in the United States might fall to $5.61 in 2030, noting that legalizing cannabis is more likely to cause a price decline in the market, with prices falling by 11.13% on average.

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