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New Communications Director At The Cannabis Trades Association

ONE of the founder members of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) has been appointed as its new Communications Director. 

Tim Henley says he is a committed evangelist to the whole-plant cannabis economy.

Tim Henley, a founder member of the Cannabis Trades Association.

He started as an entrepreneur in the first days of the legal industry and went on to work for one of the major global cannabis companies. 

He says he is delighted to accept the new position: “The UK is at a crossroads like no other we have seen.

“The UK has chosen to set itself up as in independent trading nation capable of setting its own rules and generating new prosperity from the change in regulatory regimes. 

“We are also in the midst of the most disruptive pandemics to sweep the globe in the last century.

“Our mission at the CTA is clear; to create simple, understandable messaging that amplifies across today’s multitude of echo-chambers to bring cannabis out of the closet.

“The industrialisation of society has led many of us to look for synthetic and sanitised versions of the natural world. This cannot go on and we need to go back to nature to find solutions for the current situation. 

“Cannabis is a medicine, it is a food source packed full of essential dietary elements, it is an industrial raw material, a natural carbon capture system that can remediate soils. 

“It has all the X Factor needed to make it a true star of the next decade.” 

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