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Hemp Groups Form New International Alliance To Speak With One Voice At Global Level

OVER 20 hemp trade groups have so far joined an international body designed to create a voice for the fast-growing industry at a global level. 

Whilst the new grouping has yet to settle on a name – three options are under consideration – it is attracting members from almost all corners of the globe.

The initiative stems from a 10-year collaboration between the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) and Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA).

EIHA Managing Director Lorenza Romanese explained: “We have been collaborating with the CHTA and over many years and in recent times it has become apparent that we are facing many global challenges – as an industry.

A Seat For Hemp At Top Table

“At an international level there is an empty seat for hemp – no-one is speaking up for a hemp – so the aim is to create a hemp world federation joining forces across the globe so the industry can speak with one voice.”

Ms Romanese highlighted how a loose federation of 12 global hemp associations had joined forces to speak for hemp at the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotics Drugs meeting in Vienna in December, last year.

“The idea is to duplicate this type of action with the aim of representing hemp stakeholders before all of the relevant  global intergovernmental agencies,” she added.

These will include: the World Health Organization, the UN’s Committee on Narcotic Drugs; the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development; and the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization.

On The ‘To Do’ List

It also aims to represent the hemp industry before the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is under the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Meteorological Organization.

Issues relevant to the industry on which it is looking to input include:  standards for products and processes, crop protection, seed registration, and an international maximum THC level for hemp flowers and finished goods.

Ms Romanese says 21 global bodies have, so far, agreed to join to including big actors from Canada, the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and India.

“Its important that we all stick together, tackle the challenges the industry faces as one, and take action together,” she added.

Daniel Kruse, President of the European Industrial Hemp Association, said its first objective to remove hemp and hemp extracts from the 1961 UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

Daniel Kruse

Speaking to Hemp Today Mr Kruse said: “The international association can foster engagement in multilateral relations, advance the industry’s agenda, statistical programs, partnerships, trade, and global regulation. 

“It will improve substantive engagement among the hemp sector and benefit all, globally and nationally, as a result.”

Hemp Today also  quoted Ted Haney, President & CEO at the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, saying: “There is a compelling need to develop a new international hemp organization to allow industries from around the world to create a single voice.  

“The new organization will also create a place for hemp industry players to cooperate, coordinate, share information, advocate, and co-create.”

The group will most likely be headquartered in Europe for best access to intergovernmental agencies. It is in the process of developing a governance structure, initial budgets, strategy, and a work plan. 

Members so far include: 

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance 

Mongolian Hemp Association 

Australian Hemp Association 

European Industrial Hemp Association 

Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association 

China Hemp Alliance 

Latin-American Industrial Hemp Association 

Friends of Hemp (South Africa) 

Chamber of Industrial Hemp of Paraguay 

Uttarakhand Hemp Association (India) 

Indian Industrial Hemp Association

Eight US members include:

American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp 

Texas Hemp Growers Association 

Oregon Hemp Association 

National Hemp Association

Hemp Industries Association 

National Industrial Hemp Council 

Kentucky Hemp Industries Association 

Hemp Feed Coalition

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