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Grow Extends European Footprint in Germany with Nimbus Health

ONE of the leading medical cannabis companies in the UK, Grow, announced today that a Grow branded medical cannabis extract has been launched in Germany by Nimbus Health GmbH on the basis of a licensing agreement.  Nimbus is a pharmaceutical distributor that specialises in the distribution, registration, sales and marketing of medical cannabis in Germany.

The launch marks Grow’s engagement in the largest medical cannabis market in Europe and the only market worldwide with reimbursement for an estimated 60% or more of patients who apply for special approval with their insurance companies. Nimbus has received its first orders from pharmacies, signaling that first German patients have received prescription for Grow medical cannabis extract.  

This first Grow trademark medical cannabis product has the cannabinoid ratio THC10:CBD15. This product offers an oral, non-inhalative prescription option for physicians with patients who could benefit from a combination of these two cannabinoids.  As CBD is not intoxicating, or psychoactive, products with a higher ratio of CBD are an option physicians consider with patients who are sensitive to the effects of THC.⁶ Publications, insurance companies and medical experts report that physicians in Germany prescribe medical cannabis products with THC and CBD to manage symptoms such as chronic pain, spasticity, anorexia/wasting and chemo-induced nausea, as well as symptoms of neurological and psychological disorders

Ben Langley, CEO Grow, said “We’re thrilled that patients in Germany, Europe’s largest legal medical cannabis market, are now benefiting from Grow branded cannabis medicines.  At Grow, we understand the unmet need faced by many patients living with chronic pain and palliative conditions. This licensing agreement with Nimbus is a further positive step towards our purpose of bringing new and innovative solutions to physicians and their patients.  We seek to make these products more affordable and more accessible within the healthcare systems of all countries where Grow operates.”

Cannabis medicines offer various therapeutic options with many different concentrations of THC and CBD. To cater to the wide variety of patient needs, Grow is partnering with leading medical cannabis companies and developing the cannabis medicines and technologies of the future via biotechnological research and development.  

Linus Weber, CEO Nimbus Health, said “At Nimbus Health, we’re excited about our collaboration with Grow, with the short-term goal of offering a broad range of Grow trademark extracts, including various THC CBD formulations, as well as unique strains of medical cannabis flower, ranging from lower to higher THC strains, THC CBD balanced strains and later CBD dominant strains.”

About Nimbus Health

Nimbus Health is a fully licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler and manufacturer from Germany with own warehouse facilities and an independent sales force to promote medical cannabis-based products to pharmacists. Its mission is to supply seriously ill patients with the highest grade medical cannabis products from reliable sources consistently and sustainably. Nimbus Health is a wholly-owned step down subsidiary of the global pharma company Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.

About GROW

Grow is a biopharmaceutical company focused on cannabis based medicines. A market leader in the UK, Grow seeks to offer the best range of cannabis based medicines to patients globally and is working to create the technologies that will improve the cannabis medicines of the future through cutting edge biotechnological R&D. Grow’s regional medical education specialists and first class supply chain seek to ensure that cannabis based medicines are always made available to the millions of patients globally who would have their lives improved by them.

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