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GreenBe Pharma Obtains EU-GMP Certification At Elvas Facility For Cannabis Flower Processing

  • Achievement allows manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade Cannabis flower addressed to international markets. 
  • The accreditation assures patients, healthcare professionals, and regulatory agencies that pharmaceutical products are manufactured in reliable, consistent, and high-quality environments.
  • Its varied strains portfolio has been developed by top international breeding programs and delivers with a wide selection of cultivars demanded by the medicinal market. 
  • First batches of EU GMP compliant products will be available for shipping by this spring

GreenBe Pharma, the pharmaceutical company at the forefront of medicinal cannabis, revealed that its production facility located in Elvas, Portugal, has obtained certification under the European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (“EU-GMP”) regulations. INFARMED, the Portuguese National Authority for Medicines and Health Products, awards EU-GMP accreditation to organizations that maintain the highest levels of quality and product consistency in their manufacturing operations. Compliance with EU-GMP rules is mandatory for international trading and demonstrates that the company adheres to global pharmaceutical standards, making this certification an important milestone for GreenBe Pharma.

The GreenBe Pharma Elvas facility is a 10.000 sqm production site designed for cultivating cannabis plants using high-tech greenhouses under energy efficient processes and sustainable practices. This facility operates since its foundation under GACP, Good Agricultural and Collection Practices Standards, that was also certified by INFARMED in September 2023, and includes 19 independent growing chambers, each with its climate control capabilities.

Additionally, the processing facility which has obtained EU-GMP certification, will allow for a maximum processing capacity of up to 4,000 kilograms of dried cannabis flower annually in the form of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to cater to both domestic and international markets.

GreenBe Pharma announces that they have developed and are currently fulfilling cultivation and manufacturing agreements with pharmaceutical and distribution companies to distribute their medical cannabis products in the domestic, German, British, Australian and other International markets, granting access by local patients to their prescriptions in pharmacies.

This achievement represents a significant milestone for GreenBe Pharma, as these are currently some of the more growing markets for medical cannabis globally. The company has invested during the last 18 months in its cultivation and manufacturing capabilities to ensure that its products meet the highest quality requirements of their partners and comply with strict standards of international regulators.

The company’s Chief Operation Officer, Joao JANEIRO stated “Achieving this important milestone for us has been possible thanks to the efforts of the company providing the means and resources for building the most efficient and robust production system for medicinal Cannabis in Portugal”. 

At GreenBE Pharma, since the conception of the project, there has been a clear vocation for highly efficient agricultural production. “We´ve been farming other valuable crops for six generations and are going to focus on what we’re a good at: growing the highest quality plants of the best breeding programs in the world that the patient-oriented market demands”, Mr. JANEIRO has declared.

In the words of GreenBe Pharma Business Development Manager, Eliecer LOPEZ, “After the whole complex was constructed and operative in just 11 months, having obtained INFARMED’s accreditation for EU-GMP has been one of the more challenging parts of the entire process. However, the time since construction has allowed us to trial and select a wide range of genetics for different purposes and to test and fine tune the leading-edge facilities to reach operational excellence”. 

The customer-focused strategy, according to the company, aims to deliver innovative products to patients worldwide, and GreenBe Pharma has designed a strain portfolio to combine higher THC products with popular target balanced strains with exceptional terpenoid profiles, “The production and quality assurance team did a superb job ensuring that any flower been harvested and processed in our site in Elvas since last July 2023 with passion and attention to details, will be EU-GMP compliant, and this will allow that we start to distribute our strains to our partners this spring”, according to Mr. LOPEZ

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