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Georgia Votes to Approve Three New Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

At a recent meeting of the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission, the board voted to approve three new cannabis dispensaries.

Georgia approved the first five dispensaries in April, issuing the licenses to Botanical Sciences LLC and Trulieve in Bibb County, Chatham County, and Cobb County, enabling legal access to medical cannabis for Georgia patients.

At the time, the Commission highlighted that since 2015, the state’s Low-THC Oil Patient Registry grew from 13,000 to over 27,000 registered patients, and the number of registered patients impacts the number of dispensaries that the Commission can license in the state.

The Commission is currently authorised to issue up to five initial dispensing licenses to each production licensee, and to issue a sixth dispensing license to each production licensee when the Low-THC Oil Patient Registry reaches 25,000 registered patients.

Following this, an additional dispensing license is allowed to be granted for every 10,000 patients added after 25,000.

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The most recent approvals for dispensing licenses went again to Botanical Sciences LLC and Trulieve GA, Inc. as applied for and reviewed by the Commission.

GMCC Executive Director Andrew Turnage stated: “The Commission now has a total of six dispensing licences that have been issued with locations that are north of Atlanta and Marietta south of Atlanta in Newnan, in Middle Georgia, at Macon and near coastal Georgia and pooler.

“Thousands of registered patients have now found relief from the low THC oil and products that are made by the Commission’s production licensees. Additional dispensaries will be opening soon. We expect those to be sometime next month.

“As a very important reminder for registered patients, their caregivers and for physicians that are certifying or for physicians who are considering becoming a sort of a certifier of patients – these dispensaries are the retail locations for safely manufactured and laboratory tested. products.”


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