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Is digital marketing the future for cannabis marketing?

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Today, many consider marketing one of the hottest topics coming out of the digital world in 2022.

The digital disruption arising from the Covid-19 pandemic and the ever-changing digital environment are altering the landscape of marketing. The adaptations to such disruptions are now taking businesses to new realms by using innovative forms of social media platforms, shopping channels and news outlets to create consumer experiences, relationships and business ventures.

Alongside the prominent use of digital marketing as a tool to create customer value, many industries like the CBD and cannabinoid sectors are seeking to utilise digital marketing to secure their business placement in a competitive environment whilst creating meaningful consumer relationships to grow in both profits and positioning.

The UK is currently in the run to become one of the largest consumers of cannabis products worldwide. The total number of prescriptions for the medicinal use of cannabis and use of over-the-counter CBD is vastly growing. Whilst CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid present in cannabis, we still utilise it in many products from skincare, medicinal oils, and food, hoping to improve the lives and health of many patients and citizens in the UK.

Despite this demand and increase in using cannabis products and medicines, there is still a struggle felt amongst cannabis marketers and organisations when attempting to market products relating to cannabis or containing cannabis.

The current law in place in the UK does not permit the advertisement of cannabis products through traditional forms of advertising. However, the UK has now seen at least two CBD marketing campaigns featuring on television and outdoor billboards.

Further to this growing use and acceptance of cannabis worldwide, social media services are now taking the cannabis marketing industry to new heights by allowing the use of cannabis hashtags and discussions to be shared through their interactive and dynamic platforms.

This has led to a substantial increase in cannabis-related businesses to utilise multi-channel communication to secure consumers and share the latest updates coming directly from the cannabis industry.

Further to the adaptions surrounding the approval of cannabis promotions on social media, the number of organisations within the UK’s cannabis space utilising such digital efforts has taken the social media industry by storm.

Thousands of users are now following and interacting with cannabis platforms daily, creating an active and thriving online community of cannabis users, patients, and professionals. Besides these adaptions within content regulations, noticeable changes have also occurred within the application of alternative digital services, such as online meeting and event services.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought forward a new way of communication and discussion through digital meeting platforms. Organisations within the cannabis space did not miss out on this influential change as many turned to new forms of direct marketing through virtual attendance events, discussing hot cannabis topics and industry improvements in the UK to help reach wider communities and participants at low costs.

As a result of such a diverse use of platforms to market cannabis-related products, it is perhaps clear that digital marketing may always remain the key element to growing your business in the UK’s cannabis sector. If it does – what are the best techniques to utilise when marketing your cannabis business online?

Here are some top tips to utilise when marketing your cannabis service or products online.

Know your value offering

Cannabis is clearly in demand, but what else do your consumers value? Aim to focus your value offerings on specific consumer segments rather than the entire cannabis industry.

Implement a strong social media strategy

Digital marketing is becoming a dominant force. An aim to implement and communicate a powerful strategy should be at the forefront of goals to gain the engagement and interaction desired.
Listen to your audience. Your audience is your lifeline, and marketing should always reflect your audience. The cannabis industry may have a vast and diverse audience, but you cannot reach it all. Listen to your current audience and build on this to grow.


As the options to network have become ever more interactive, organisations should create their brand and image and let it flourish through online events and discussions.

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Jack Pierce  
Canal Side Marketing

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