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Ontario Retail Takes a Huge Hit (but not in the good way)

What promised to be a big win for the industry in Ontario has turned out to be a big disappointment.

The Province that promised unlimited licenses for private retail curtailed that to a total of 25 (for now and no, 25 is not a typo…). Business of Cannabis chimed in on the conversation with the CBC. Also, some municipalities have said ‘no’ to cannabis retail – including Mississauga.

Take note Ontarians! In California, when cities said no to retail, home delivery was ruled ‘ok’ by regulators. But what will happen to lounges, current and future?

Going in an even more restrictive direction, Quebec looks to raise the legal buying age to 21.

But, Ontario and Quebec may seem like small potatoes compared to world domination; Aurora looks to do business in Mexico and Wayland Group eyes Argentina.

Speaking of domination, Vancouver will crack down on illegal retail shops – following a court ruling there.

Also, the US Farm Bill passed with major news on the hemp front.

No surprise here: Martha Stewart (and tons of other people) love edibles. Can a Snoop/Stewart cookbook be far behind?

Be safe out there – consume responsibly – especially at your office parties

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