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Czech market receives Motagon’s Gorilla Glue 4 cannabis for patients 

The medical cannabis market in the Czech Republic has received a shipment of Gorilla Glue 4 for patients.

The Czech medical cannabis market has received the high-THC cannabis flower, Gorilla Glue 4 (GG4), from Motagon Cannabis, a subsidiary of pharmaceutical company HEATON Group.

The import to Motagon’s EU-GMP facility in Prague, Czechia, followed approval from Czechia’s State Institute for Drug Control (SUKL) and the Ministry of Health.

A unique frontier for cannabis

Motagon says the import is a unique medical cannabis frontier with immense potential.

Executive director and Motagon chairman, Jaromír Frič, Jr, commented: “This is a momentous occasion for Motagon, the HEATON Group and Czechia’s patient population suffering from issues such as chronic pain, sleep disorders and anxiety.

“With Heaton’s existing facilities, experienced pharmaceutical sales team and international distribution infrastructure, this supports our mission of placing innovative cannabinoid-based medicines in the hands of patients who need them most.”

“Medical Cannabis is an important player in the emerging evidence-based personalised health market. In practice, selling cannabis-based products in Europe requires inherent pharmaceutical capabilities with the caveat of a narcotics classification,” added Motagon CEO, Jan Mehner. 

“Motagon has the infrastructure and medical expertise to supply and promote innovative and efficacious cannabis products throughout the EU.”

Motagon’s product selection and positioning is in-part driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company utilises access to large, real-world datasets of patient reviews, and derives insights on the benefits of different cannabis strains. 

Jan said: “We have been working with KOMAND Consulting and applying their AI technology, SALIENT iQ, to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of over 3000 cannabis strains on medical indications.”

“Our objective is to help Motagon transfer knowledge and products from North America to the European market,” says Toronto-based Nasos Makriyiannis, the founder and managing partner of KOMAND Consulting.

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