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Cannavigia Unveils “CONNECT API”: An Avenue for Enhanced Integration in Cannabis Compliance and Operations

With an eye on limitless integration and client satisfaction, Cannavigia’s open API is the next stride towards enriched operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making in the cannabis sector.

Cannavigia by Vigia AG, the renowned Swiss tech startup specializing in cannabis management software, proudly announces the launch of its innovative open API called “CONNECT API”. This solution transcends regulatory adherence, propelling production efficiency across cannabis cultivation and manufacturing landscapes.

By facilitating seamless integration with a diverse array of hardware like sensors, scales, and various software platforms, the CONNECT API amplifies the robust capabilities of Cannavigia’s software in ensuring compliance and fine-tuning process efficiency, all while opening the doors to new market opportunities. This launch heralds the onset of a trajectory towards a more interlinked and efficient operational ecosystem within the cannabis domain.

Priva and Cannavigia at Asia International Hemp Expo 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. Copyright: Vigia AG

Priva x Cannavigia

One of the first integrations with the CONNECT API is a seamless connection with Priva’s climate control sensors. This integration enables the Cannavigia system to display real-time environmental data from Priva devices, including temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, as a crucial component of batch documentation. This advancement ensures comprehensive tracking and visibility of environmental data for each batch throughout various cultivation phases, accessible to diverse organizational functions. The value of this integration is already being demonstrated at the Cultivation for Compounds research consortium in the Netherlands.

“For cultivators, the CONNECT API will ensure having more data visible and actionable leading to more robust and predictable operations. I am excited that Cannavigia is becoming more and more a management cockpit helping cultivators to get to the next level of operational excellence,” says Timo Bongartz, Chief Commercial Officer of Cannavigia. For C-level executives, the wealth of data accessible through Cannavigia’s comprehensive solutions is invaluable. It unveils avenues for cost-saving, and revenue forecasting, and provides insightful metrics pivotal for informed decision-making and fortifying the business model. Managers will find Cannavigia’s solutions to be a catalyst for superior team management, insightful performance evaluation, and robust reporting tailored for C-level review. The comprehensive features demystify compliance fulfilments, offering insight into team performance metrics.

On the cultivation and quality front, Cannavigia’s offerings are instrumental in ensuring meticulous tracking of assets, consumables, and batches, nurturing collaboration, and streamlining compliance execution. A key feature of the Open API is its ability to assist in the generation of comprehensive reports for GACP cultivation. This is essential for cannabis operators who need to adhere to these standards, making the process more streamlined and efficient. Additionally, the Open API is poised for a dynamic future with more integrations already lined up, set to be announced in the coming months.

Connect API_plain-1
Environmental data dashboard in the Cannavigia software. Copyright: Vigia AG

Supporting authorities by enabling transparency

“Cannavigia’s Open API is not just a tool; it’s a reflection of our commitment to enriching the spectrum of solutions tailored to elevate every facet of cannabis operations,” said Gustavo Pimenta, Chief Product Officer at Cannavigia.

With Cannavigia’s Open API, the scope of what’s achievable in cannabis compliance and operational efficiency is vastly expanded. Cannavigia extends a warm invitation to cannabis operators, tech aficionados, and the media to delve into the boundless opportunities the Open API avails.

For more information about the Open API, or to schedule an interview with, please contact Tobias Viegener at tobias.viegener@cannavigia.com.

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