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Canna-transparency, red tape and vaccines


‘Building in the open’ with Tantalus’s Dan Sutton

Dan Sutton, founder and CEO of B.C.-based Tantalus Labs, outlined how his craft cannabis company grew revenue by 277% since May and 83% quarter over quarter from Q3 in a detailed Twitter thread. After a rough year which included some disappointing low-THC harvests, the company decided to overhaul their product selection. 

The process

  • A “top down overhaul” of non-THC metrics: Terpenes, moisture, smoke and flavour, finishing protocols, and a plan to move to glass packaging 
  • Solicited feedback from their network to inform choices
  • Delivered new products in Q4, like Pacific OG and LA Kush Cake SKUs

The takeaway

“This is a story about a team taking a good hard look at what they can do to better excite customers with every SKU,” Sutton wrote. “It can be scary to return to first principles and analyze, refine, dial in, and ship better quality offerings. That hard work takes time, and the investment pays.” 

Transparency is often lacking from cultivators and brands – Sutton is lifting the veil.

Note: Sutton will be joining BofC Live in the coming weeks to share more, stay tuned.

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Red tape is choking California’s cannabis market

Overly complicated bureaucratic processes are being blamed for burdening California’s regulated market, preventing it from flourishing or shrinking the illicit market, reports Politico

Some of the issues cited are:

  • Complicated local regs and the additional requirement to also have a state licence
  • Understaffed departments 
  • Slow communication
  • Red tape and legal battles
  • High taxes

The result

Some entrepreneurs are leasing properties for lengthy periods before being licensed to open, costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Limited numbers of licences in some municipalities have created a wave of lawsuits from hopeful store operators. More stores will likely open as more cities allow them, but many will close in the meantime.

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Quebec cannabis stores demand customers get vaccinated

Starting Jan. 18, Quebec’s provincial cannabis and alcohol stores will demand customers have proof of vaccination before entering, reports Bloomberg. The province is known for having some of the most restrictive COVID-19 regulations, implementing measures like a 10 p.m. curfew and closing restaurants. 

The goal is to:

  • Limit contact and protect unvaccinated, which is ⅕ of residents
  • 50% of those in the ICU last month were unvaccinated

The debate

“I hope it will be an additional incentive for some to go get their first dose,” said health minister Christian Dube. “Unfortunately, we need to protect them from themselves and protect our health-care network.” But some criticized the plan, saying it would instead just drive people to the illicit cannabis market.

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Tetra Pharm secures €2m funding

Denmark’s Tetra Pharm has raised €2m in its first round, which was led by Leafy Tunnel and Enexis, reports BusinessCann. Located in the life science-focused Medicon Valley close to Copenhagen, the company plans to launch medical cannabis clinical trials and expand operations. 

“It’s going to be an exciting year, with new facilities, clinical trials, and new products on the market. We are therefore really excited and grateful for the support from Leafy Tunnel and Enexis,” said CEO Martin Rose.

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