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California genetics to hit European market with Khiron product launch

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Khiron Life Sciences is introducing new THC-dominant full-spectrum extract along with non-irradiated flower varieties, which will be available to pharmacies and patients in Germany and the UK in the coming weeks.

The new products, which are already being promoted to prescribers, pharmacies, and patients, will be exclusively distributed through Khiron‘s wholly-owned Pharmadrug Production.

The THC-dominant full-spectrum extract KHIRIOX 25/1 combines the medicinal properties and areas of application of the established THC isolate formulations – dronabinol – with the specific advantages of a full spectrum extract. This new product is based on Khiron’s current top selling and effective extract formulation in Latin America.

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The non-irradiated flower varieties – KHIRON Gelato 19/1 and KHIRON Caramel 5/7 – are currently  popular in California among consumers and patients, according to Khiron, and are in high demand in Europe.

President of Khiron Europe, Franziska Katterbach, stated: “With the acquisition of Pharmadrug, Khiron is now able to completely control the value chain in Europe, and we can introduce new products that are in high demand in the European market with potential higher margins. 

“With these new additions to our medical portfolio, Khiron Europe now covers the entire spectrum of chemotypes, therapies and routes of administration in the interest of all our European prescribers and patients. 

“With our new medical products, we offer patients what they want and need. Especially our new flower varieties Gelato and Caramel illustrate that medicine does not have to be bitter.”

Khiron completed its acquisition of Pharmadrug Production in August, which now gives Khiron access to EU-GMP manufacturing capabilities and a distribution hub for medical cannabis, as well as direct access to German pharmacies. The development is in line with Khiron’s strategy to strengthen its foothold in Europe.

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