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Australian Success Story Alternaleaf Launches in the UK; On the Quest to Make Medical Cannabis More Accessible

Alternaleaf, the clinic that’s helped hundreds of thousands of Australians access medical cannabis, today is launching in the UK. The announcement comes just weeks after the Home Affairs Committee called on the UK government to broaden access to medical cannabis. Although legalised in 2018, studies suggest that millions of Brits are self-medicating illegally as access to medical cannabis remains limited.

Asif Dewan, Managing Director of Montu UK, the company behind Alternaleaf, comments: “There are millions of Brits who suffer from medical conditions ranging from long-term pain, MS, mental health conditions to heavy migraines and epilepsy that may be eligible for medical cannabis, but haven’t been able to access it. Meanwhile, we also know that millions of people self-medicate on the black market. We’re here to help everyone who is eligible for medical cannabis treatment to access it in a safe and secure way.”

As demand soars, research shows that England is set to become the second-largest market for medical cannabis in Europe. Although over 140,000 medical cannabis prescriptions were issued between 2018 and 2022, almost all were obtained through private clinics. Meanwhile, there are estimated to be more than 360,000 prevalent cases of opioid addictions in the UK, with experts saying that opioids oftentimes are used where medical cannabis could be sufficient.

Asif Dewan comments: “Many of our patients have been taking much stronger medication before coming to us. It’s not rare for us to meet patients who are on opioids, or who have been self-medicating illegally, or both. With Alternaleaf, there’s a new way for people to get a medical assessment and, ultimately, access to medical cannabis, should they be eligible.”

Alternaleaf is now available to patients in the UK at an initial appointment cost of £49. Check your eligibility on alternaleaf.co.uk.

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