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Adult Use Cannabis Legalised in Ohio

Voters have taken to the polls in Ohio to approve the legalisation of adult use cannabis.

Ohio now joins 23 other states across the US that have legalised cannabis for recreational purposes.

Ohio’s Issue 2 Marijuana Legalisation Initiative will see adult use cannabis commercialised, regulated and taxed, allowing for adults aged 21 and over to be in possession of up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis and to cultivate up to six plants in their homes.

A Division of Cannabis Control will now be established in the state that will be authorised to investigate and penalise adult use operators and laboratories, and a Cannabis Equity Programme will also be established to focus on providing opportunities for groups disproportionately affected by prohibitionist policies.

Tom Haren, spokesman for the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, told the Associated Press: “Marijuana is no longer a controversial issue. Ohioans demonstrated this by passing State Issue 2 in a landslide.

“Ohioans are being extremely clear on the future they want for our state: adult-use marijuana legal and regulated.”

The bill saw strong strong bipartisan support, with nearly 60% of voters saying they were in favour of legalisation before the vote, however, a group of Republican state senators had urged voters to reject the bill as it would bring ‘unacceptable threats and risks to the health of all Ohioans’.

While the bill has now been approved by citizens, lawmakers may still derail the bill by bringing the statute back to be reviewed or repealed.

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