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ACI, CMC and Chem ID Join Forces to Ensure Authenticity, Validation, and Quality Assurance for Cannabis Products

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) and the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Chem ID Ltd, a leading provider of chemical data standardization, validation, and traceability solutions. This collaboration will enable ACI and CMC’s members to enhance their commitment to product authenticity, validation, and quality assurance within the commercial cannabis extract and medical cannabis markets in the UK and Europe.

Chem ID’s cloud-based data platform offers a comprehensive solution that ensures the integrity and security of chemical data. By utilizing Chem ID’s technology, ACI and CMC members will have the means to guarantee the authenticity and quality of their respective products, promoting consumer, retailer, regulator, patient and prescribers trust and confidence in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

“Partnering with Chem ID allows us to take a significant step forward in ensuring the supply chain transparency and reliability of CBD products,” said Dr Parveen Bhatarah, Regulatory and Compliance Associate, ACI. “By leveraging Chem ID’s cutting-edge technology, we can provide our members with the tools necessary to meet regulatory requirements and drive the growth of the legal cannabis extract market.”

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis has played a vital role in advocating for positive reform within the UK’s nascent medical cannabis industry. “At CMC, we are constantly striving to advance the standards and regulations surrounding medical cannabis,” stated Professor Trevor Jones, Chief Scientific Advisor, CMC. “Through our partnership with Chem ID, we aim to further solidify our commitment to ensuring product integrity and quality for the benefit of patients who are prescribed CBPMs [cannabis-based products for medicinal use].”

Chem ID’s hardware-agnostic approach empowers various stakeholders in the cannabis industry, including brand owners, analytical labs, processors, contract manufacturers, farmers, distributors, logistical providers, and regulators. The cloud-based platform offers a centralized hub for chemical data, facilitating standardized and secure communication across the supply chain.

“Chem ID is proud to collaborate with ACI and CMC in their mission to provide reliable cannabis products,” said Alex Andrawes, CEO of Chem ID. “Our solution is backed by a decade of extensive involvement within the cannabis testing ecosystem. This experience allows us to offer unparalleled expertise in regulatory and commercial aspects, understanding what truly works and what doesn’t work. Chem ID has built chemical data management solutions that carry the industry forward into maturity by leveraging powerful AI tools to improve product development, process flow, risk reduction, improving cost efficiencies and future proofing. The outcome is a transparent industry with a strong emphasis on public safety via truth-in-labeling, thereby building consumer confidence and trust.”

This partnership will open doors for ACI and CMC members to confidently expand market access and business growth opportunities.

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