‘Tis the season for (silly) Halloween candy warnings

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Attorneys General from several different US states have launched what appears to be a coordinated campaign to warn parents about cannabis-infused candy that looks like conventional brands like Nerds and Cheetos, reports Marijuana Moment.

“The officials aren’t necessarily suggesting that people are intentionally handing out the THC-infused candies to trick-or-treaters — a myth that cannabis advocates have long worked to debunk — but it does fit within a theme of messaging that seems to crop up every year around Halloween,” they write.

‘Deceptive cannabis products’

New York Attorney General Letitia James tweeted a photo of some of the cannabis-infused candy, which is not regulated and called things like Stoney Patch Kids and Double Stuff Stoned (in the style of Sour Patch Kids and Oreos, respectively).

“New York parents should be on the alert for deceptive cannabis products that look like standard snacks and candy but contain dangerously high concentrations of THC,” she said. “Any New Yorker that has encountered these products should contact my office immediately.” AGs in Connecticut, which is also recently legal but hasn’t implemented adult-use sales yet, Ohio and Arkansas also tweeted out warnings.

‘Baseless fearmongering’

The edibles are unregulated, and advocates agree that children are at risk if they’re left lying around the house. But the concern that kids could receive infused cannabis edibles while trick-or-treating is a strange myth.

“You are more likely to summon Beetlejuice by saying his name three times than you are to find marijuana edibles in your children’s Halloween candy,” NORML E.D. Erik Altieri told Marijuana Moment. “This myth reanimates itself year after year like a zombie from a Romero film, and also like those zombies, is a work of pure fiction. No one is trying to spend hundreds of dollars to give cannabis to children and officials should finally give up on trying to spook parents every October with baseless fearmongering.”

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