Cam Battley (still) answering to angry $ACB investors

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Former Aurora CCO Cam Battley was slammed with criticism from Aurora shareholders on Twitter last week after he congratulated his former colleague, Organigram’s Greg Engel, on Organigram’s deal with British American Tobacco (BAT). 

“Wasn’t Aurora approached by BAT with a similar deal and you all turned it down?” tweeted one investor in response.

The long fall 

It wasn’t very long ago that Battley was one of the most visible executives at one of the most-hyped cannabis companies in Canada. Now, $ACB trades around $10 (down from a Battley-era high of $150+), and Battley has moved on to MedReleaf Australia’s board.

The blame game

After batting away suggestions he should kill or harm himself, Battley cited some of the reasons he believes Aurora has failed to perform in a separate thread, which included:

  • The feds having treated cannabis as its “bastard child” and over-regulating the industry,
  • Over-heated competition creating an “arms race” to build the largest and highest number of cultivation facilities, and 
  • Hints that CEO Terry Booth pushed to keep growing, while he wanted to turn a profit.

What’s next

While $OGI celebrates its investment from BAT, one investor suggested Battley leave Twitter after the barrage of criticism.

“Nope,” Battley clapped back. “Own it, analyze it, deal with it, and learn from it. That’s my policy.”

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