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Lubbock Initiates Campaign To Decriminalise Cannabis

A new initiative – Freedom Act Lubbock – has been launched in a bid to decriminalise low-level cannabis possession in the City of Lubbock, Texas.

The initiative is an “initiated ordinance” to change Lubbock city law and eliminate enforcement of low-level cannabis offences.

It aims to prevent incarcerations for cannabis possession, prevent racially-biased police practices, protect veterans who use cannabis for pain and PTSD, and save public resources among other goals.

A petition to back the initiative was launched on 18 August, having 60 days to collect nearly 5000 signatures to be considered by the City Council.

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Adam Hernandez, communications chair for Lubbock Compact and orgainser of the campaign, told Lubbock Online that the proposed ordinance would decriminalise possession of less than 4 ounces of cannabis and would prevent law enforcement officers from using the smell of cannabis as probable cause for a search.

Hernandez told the publication: “Whatever their reason for using (marijuana), we don’t think people should go to jail for it unless they’re committing some other crime. We don’t think that’s a wise use of the city’s resources.”

He also highlighted the problem of racial bias when it comes to drug possession laws, noting that the city’s Black population represents 8% of its citizens, but 30% of arrests.

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