Talking To My Parents About Medical Cannabis Isn’t Working

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Over the past two years, I’ve been having an ongoing and so far unsuccessful conversation with my elderly, South Asian parents about medical cannabis and how it could potentially help them.   And so far, while I’ve seen a shift in their openness to the idea, they have yet to engage in the modern medical cannabis movement.

My parents are 74 and 65 and between them have a number of complaints and ailments that research suggests could be helped with cannabis – from arthritis, pain management as well as mild depression and anxiety – and I’d like them to benefit from some of the upsides of medical cannabis from better sleep, a mood lift and increased sense of relaxation.  

While my parents cautiously support legalization and are open to the idea that there could be medical benefit from cannabis consumption, like the majority of their demographic, stigma and a lack of understanding remain as significant barriers to them actually entering the space as either a patient or consumer.

Once legalization occurs, some of this stigma will be likely be mitigated – but that’s only one component of what needs to happen in order to effectively engage their demographic, the one with arguably the most to gain from the medical developments of cannabis.    

Currently, only 6% of those between 55-64 use cannabis and in order shift this, we need better educational forums, easier to use products and information/tools to help both individuals and their supporting family and carers to more easily and confidently understand the modern medical cannabis movement.

That’s why our recently announced series Green + Silver: Cannabis & Optimal Aging is one that is so close to my heart.

Cannabis is one of the most highly promising and potentially disruptive health, wellness and anti-aging therapies to become available to older Canadians and I want my parents and their friends to be able to understand how it could help improve their health and life quality both today and going forward.

Our “Cannabis 101 For Seniors“ is designed to focus on empowering and educating the older consumer.  Our 2+ hour session will be focused on terminology, brands, medical therapies, product access and safe, optimal use. I’ll be inviting my parents to this session.

The “Intro To Cannabis For Caretaker and Families” provides information, guidance and options for caregivers regarding medical cannabis for seniors and also includes product demonstrations and expert advice on how to best incorporate cannabis into care regimes.

Finally, our third session “Reaching Seniors, For Industry Professionals” will feature the release of original research as well as senior-specific cannabis user data that will help  inform and guide the industry on how best to reach, engage and address the needs and concerns of this demographic, which will, in just eighteen years, is expected to reach 11 million.

Our hope is that these sessions will educate, inspire and create a larger positive ripple effect in the medical, cannabis and care industries. We want to better empower Canadian seniors on the product, treatment and wellness choices available to them.  

Sessions are being in the GTA between October 10-12, 2018.  

For more details and to sign up for alerts, please visit:

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