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Biden’s cannabis pardons will not extend to those who sold cannabis


Biden’s cannabis pardons will not extend to those who sold cannabis

According to Marijuana Moment, Biden has indicated that he has no intention of granting relief to people who are in prison for selling cannabis. 

Biden stated that: “I’m keeping my promise that no one should be in jail for merely using or possessing marijuana. None. And the records, which hold up people from being able to get jobs and the like, should be totally expunged. Totally expunged. You can’t sell it, but if it’s just use, you’re completely free.” 

The publication highlights that the remark comes as activists are planning a protest aimed at calling attention to those who are left behind by Biden’s existing cannabis clemency action who have described the move as “a great first step” but that they “did nothing to address the thousands of federal cannabis prisoners currently incarcerated.”

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Aurora & Tilray in the best position for Germany’s cannabis market opening

Tilray Brands Inc. and Aurora Cannabis Inc. are well positioned to benefit from the cannabis legalization in Germany, report Benzinga

A leaked report of Germany’s plans for legalization suggest that it’s likely imports will not be allowed in the market, meaning domestic production will be supplying it instead. 

Benzinga highlights that Aurora and Tilray are well positioned in the market as: 

  • Aurora was awarded a contract in 2019 by Germany’s BfArM for the annual production of 1,000 kg of high-quality medical cannabis flower over a period of four years. 
  • Aurora received EU-GMP certification for its state-of-the-art medical cannabis production facility in May. 
  • In 2021 Aurora Europe agreed to support a medical cannabis-related educational initiative in Germany. 
  • Tilray finalized its first harvest of medical cannabis grown in Germany via its German subsidiary Aphria RX GmbH in July 2021. 
  • Tilray’s management initiated a policy roundtable with German regulators on adult-use cannabis legalization in Germany, according to Benzinga. 

However, the publication said that other companies may benefit too, such as Curaleaf Holdings, CannaMedical, Canopy Growth Corp and Four20 Pharma, the latter two which have accounted for more than 70% of the German flower medical cannabis market over the past 12 months. 


Cannabis equipment gets the green light for Washington state imports

In an important development for the nationwide cannabis industry, MJ Biz Daily reports that the U.S. Court of International Trade (CIT) ruled that a Canadian manufacturer can import cannabis trimming equipment to Washington state. 

The judge ruled that the state’s repeal of past restrictions on cannabis-related drug paraphernalia provided an authorisation to Keirton USA to manufacture, possess and distribute such products. 

MJ Biz Daily highlights that: 

– The ruling contends the importation of cannabis-related paraphernalia qualified as an exemption under the Federal Mail Order Drug Paraphernalia Control Act of 1986. – The decision can be contested by the government. 

– The court’s ruling is a potentially big win for Washington state cannabis operators, who can now source equipment and other components from foreign suppliers. – The decision might open the door for similar developments in other states.


Newly launched Federation of International Hemp anticipating exponential sector growth

The newly-formed Federation of International Hemp Organizations (FIHO) says it envisages a 2,000% increase in the crop’s global footprint over the coming decade, reports BusinessCann

The FIHO predicts that by 2030 the global footprint of the hemp crop will total almost 4.8m hectares – an increase of 2,000% – with the global hemp industry projected to be worth over $17bn by 2028. 

Lorenza Romanese, Europe (EIHA), on the Board of Directors of the FIHO, told BusinessCann: “The industry is key to the future to the welfare of all inhabitants of the planet, and now we have an organization that will represent the industry at the highest level of International policy-making and discourse. 

“Our aim is to advance the global production, consumption and trade of industrial hemp by encouraging innovation, research and development and sharing knowledge and harmonizing standards.” 

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