FDA to make recommendations on cannabis product regulations

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FDA to make recommendations on cannabis product regulations

The FDA is studying whether legal cannabis is safe in food or supplements and plans to make recommendations for how to regulate the growing number of cannabis-derived products in the coming months, writes the Wall Street Journal

Head of the FDA’s office developing cannabis strategy, Patrick Cournoyer, said the agency is aiming to find out if CBD can be safely eaten every day for a long period or during pregnancy. The FDA will then decide “within months” how legal cannabis should best be regulated. 

Norman Birenbaum, a senior adviser in the agency working on the issue, told the publication: “Over the last year and a half, we have seen a whole host and cadre of intoxicating hemp derived cannabinoids come up. There are very, very different regulatory considerations for products that are going to intoxicate you.”

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New York celebrates the opening of the states first retail store

New York City recently joined nearly two dozen other US states in legalizing recreational cannabis. Manhattan’s East Village councilor, Carlina Rivera, was among the first to buy cannabis jelly sweets in New York’s first legal dispensary, reports The Telegraph

The publication highlights that Ms Rivera predicts the string of dispensaries expected to open in the coming months will be a boon to the state and city economy: “We are the financial center of the world, the greatest city on earth, and I think people will now come here to enjoy all types of things.”


Canada’s cannabis industry needs changes to compete with the legacy market

CBC writes that experts and others in the cannabis industry have said that the country’s Cannabis Act review offers an opening to change Canada’s approach – that the country has to find a way to boost the legal cannabis industry and help it compete with the illicit market. 

Specifically, the Cannabis Council of Canada has suggested that some cannabis rules and regulations meant to protect public health are hurting the legal market’s ability to push out the illegal market. 

In this regard the Council has called for changes to the Cannabis Act, including: 

  • Lowering the excise tax on cannabis products.
  • Reducing the number of restrictions on package labeling and advertising.
  • Ending taxation of medical cannabis.

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