The US Marine and Space Force may begin to allow applicants who use cannabis

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The US Marine and Space Force may begin to allow applicants who use cannabis

A new policy is under consideration at the Air Force Recruiting Service, that could mean applicants wouldn’t be automatically disqualified for cannabis use, per Air Force Times.

The Pentagon prohibits serving troops from using THC and CBD but the forces could choose to accept those with past use on the good faith that they would not continue to use it after joining.

“If applicants test positive for THC when they go to the MEPS, they’re permanently barred from entering the Air Force or the Space Force,” Said recruiting boss Maj. Gen. Ed Thomas “But as more states legalize cannabis, there is an increased prevalence of THC-positive applicants.”

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BC job strike pauses to allow shipments to retailers

After starting in August, job strikes at the only cannabis wholesaler in British Columbia have finally allowed for much needed shipments to resume, per MJBiz Daily.

As we covered yesterday, many small businesses have felt the effects of the strike and the governments slow reaction, meaning some had let staff go and others feared they would be closed within the week. The BC General Employees’ Union said that both sides had made good progress.

“The result of the strike on the cannabis industry has been a disrupted supply chain with no shipments in or out of distribution centers, resulting in the halt of cannabis products from licensed producers and processors to retail stores and consumers,” the Cannabis Council of Canada business group said.


The pharmaceutical industry takes huge financial hit after cannabis legalization

A new study shows that the pharmaceutical industry makes an average market loss of $10 billion for each legalization event, reports Marijuana Moment.

The details:

  • Stock returns were “1.5-2 percent lower at 10 days after legalization
  • Returns decreased in response to both medical and recreational legalization
  • The average change in a firm’s market value per legalization event is $63 million 
  • The total change across the whole market value is around $9.8 billion per event
  • The drug companies however still continue to turn huge profits, just at a slower rate than projected. 

“By expanding access and, thus use, legalization could permit cannabis to compete with conventional pharmaceuticals. Largely unpatentable, cannabis may act like a new generic entrant following medical legalization, leading some individuals to substitute away from other drugs toward cannabis.” California Polytechnic State University and University of New Mexico researchers said.

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