Congress should pass Schumer’s legalization bill

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Congress should pass Schumer’s legalization bill: USA Today

Despite very little chance of it happening, Sen. Cory Booker, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Ron Wyden’s Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act should be passed by Congress, according to the editorial board at USA Today

The board cites two main reasons:

  • Most Americans are for legalizing either adult-use or medical cannabis
  • Overly harsh, expensive and ineffective laws in some areas of the US continue to penalize those convicted of non-violent cannabis crimes 

“It’s time to stop pretending the war on drugs ever worked,” reads the piece.

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Union organizers are in big demand in the US cannabis industry

Workers in the US cannabis industry are trying to secure decent pay and benefits through unionizing, reports the Guardian

Numerous dispensaries in Chicago, Illinois have unionized, such as Modern Cannabis. Their contract, which was ratified last spring, allows workers to accept tips, guarantees raises each year, 40 hours per week for full-time employees and seniority rights.

“We’re trying to make these careers for the long term, not just one that is a turnover establishment,” said employee Alex Suarez. “I think the upswing in organization in this country right now is astonishing and we need to keep going over that energy.”


Cannabis drink producers target the alcohol market

The market for THC is growing, but whether or not cannabis beverage-makers will successfully lure alcohol-drinkers to try their infused concoctions has yet to be seen, writes Bloomberg

How they’re trying:

  • By positioning cannabis drinks as wellness products
  • Reducing THC potency to around 2.5 mg per serving
  • Focusing more on flavour, design and other ingredients
  • Targeting non-cannabis consumers who prefer alcohol

According to Leaflink’s wholesale platform, drinks make up less than 1% of the cannabis market, but it’s grown by 5% each month through 2021 and 2022.

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