How New York-based designs are shaping the cannabis industry

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Adjacent to Business of Cannabis event in New York City on December 9th, we were able to connect with New York-based business owners, operators, investors and thought-leaders. We are releasing the conversation recorded during the trip to New York as BofC Live podcasts.

This podcast features a conversation with Brett Heyman, the founder of Edie Parker and Flower by Edie Parker. We wanted to connect with Heyman to talk about how her brands are driving down stigma of cannabis use and bringing cannabis consumption out of the closet and into peoples’ living rooms. Specific to this conversation, Heyman discussed the importance of New York’s legalization on the overall cannabis industry and answered the question about the role New York will play in cannabis culture moving forward.

BofC Live is the daily news and interview program of Business of Cannabis. Business of Cannabis highlights the companies, brands, people and trends driving the sector.

Listen to this episode of BofC Live, and all BofC Live episodes, as a podcast:

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