How to improve the customer journey and drive sales through in-store display

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On Wednesday, September 23, 2021 Business of Cannabis held our 7th Retail Series event. Together with our partners at Vetrina Group and Integrated Display Group, we provided a deep dive into the why, how and what of in-store display within cannabis retail.

The event had three main segments, including:

Welcome and Program Overview from Business of Cannabis

Jay Rosenthal, Managing Director of Business of Cannabis, welcomed attendees and provided an overview of the program that followed.

Questions for a Cannabis Retailer

Allyson Young, Superette’s lead on visual merchandizing, joined the program to talk about their approach to merchandizing and in-store display. Superette, which started with one initial store in Ottawa, is rapidly expanding throughout Toronto, with each store uniquely designed to engage customers, create a unique community and drive sales.

What brands and retailers need to know about consumer behavior in-store

Each month, we aim to dive deep into consumer data and insights from our partners at Headset. This month, we asked Krista Raymer from Vetrina Group to unpack attachment rates within cannabis stores in Canada.

Connect with Raymer and the team at Vetrina Group for further details.

Understanding the Importance of In-Store Display in Cannabis Retail

In our final conversation, we connected with the team from Integrated Display Group (IDG) to talk about their approach to in-store display. Drawing on decades of experience working with retailers and brands to transform in-store environments to further engage consumers and driving sales. Specifically, the team from IDG spoke about their work within Shoppers Drug Mart and Best Buy as well as their work within the cannabis industry with Ace Valley.

Connect with the team from Integrated Display Group directly.

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