Why some insiders oppose federal cannabis reform

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Public feedback submitted in response to the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, the legislation introduced by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Sens. Booker and Wyden shows that not everyone is eager for their brand of federal legalization — and the sentiment is not just coming from the anti-cannabis crowd, either, according to Insider.

Protecting equity programs

One major concern from those forging ahead in legal states is protecting equity licences and policies designed to repair the harm of the war on drugs.

“Sudden interstate commerce may bring oversized new entrants to the market, such as Big Tobacco, certain retail and online platform giants, and others that have demonstrated no sincere commitment – indeed, active hostility – to social and economic justice, public health, and workers’ rights,” wrote Boston’s Shaleen Title, cannabis policy attorney.

Read our lips

Others, like the US Cannabis Council and the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), expressed concern toward the high federal taxes proposed in the act.

“While taxes should be sufficient to cover the necessary regulatory structure, the rate should be kept reasonable to allow legal cannabis to compete against and minimize the unregulated market,” wrote NCIA in their lengthy response

Same old SAM

Insider notes that Smarter Approaches to Marijuana, the anti-cannabis advocacy group, also weighed in, asking that advertising be eliminated, flavoured vapes banned and that THC potency be limited to 10-15% — a tough sell to THC-loving consumers.

“They’re officially endorsing mids,” tweeted Insider reporter Alex Nicoll in response. “Mids are in.”

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