Gummies are officially mainstream

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Four in 10 Canadians consume cannabis, and nearly half of those (46%) cite gummies as their favourite kind of edible, according to a Cronos-funded survey they shared yesterday as part of the launch of their new SOURZ by Spinach™ line of cannabis gummies.

Weed wins over wine

Four in 10 cannabis-consuming respondents also said they would rather receive gummies (✋)over a bottle of wine, particularly those in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Those who would prefer a gummy gift over wine also tend to skew younger, between the ages of 18 and 34, and are both women and men.

Infused first date

While booze has long been a popular way to overcome the first date heebie-jeebies, some are changing their tune. One in five of the cannabis-consuming cohort also said they’re “likely” to have an edible on a first date — and 8% said they were “very likely.” Those who were most comfortable with the idea were from Ontario and Quebec, and again skewed younger. This time, however, they tended to be male and university-educated.

Fun for first-timers, too

While 46% of the more than 3,000 respondents said they’d used edibles through the pandemic, a nice 15% did so for the first time. It’ll be interesting to see if they keep buying as pandemic restrictions ease up — and if they like the new SOURZ line by Spinach. 

“As people take steps to safely return to normal life this summer, we wanted to help bring friends back together by helping them rediscover the things they love doing in good company,” said Cronos GM  Jeff Jacobson. “We’re excited for adult consumers to experience the delicious, bigger, bolder edible they’ve been waiting for.”

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