How farm-based retail is rolling out in Canada

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On this episode of BofC Live, we connect with Denis Gertler of CannDelta Inc. CannDelta is the Official Regulatory Advisory of Business of Cannabis. In this segment, Gertler describes the latest advances in farm-based cannabis retail in Ontario and Saskatchewan, as well as the unique opportunities and challenges in this cannabis retail offering. Gertler’s segment on BofC Live follows his colleagues Vanessa Bairos’ segment two weeks ago providing an overview of how different provinces are considering cannabis retail at cultivation sites.

CannDelta, COVA Software and Thrive Cannabis – the first farm-gate retail operation in Ontario – are holding a seminar on all things farm-gate on May 4th. If you are interested in joined, you can register on COVA Software’s website.

BofC Live is the daily news and interview program of Business of Cannabis. Business of Cannabis highlights the companies, brands, people and trends driving the sector.

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