Krista Raymer of Vetrina Group + Lisa Bigioni of Stok’d talk about the changing landscape of cannabis retail in Ontario

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On this episode – BofC Live features a conversation with Krista Raymer, Co-Founder of Vetrina Group – a retail consultancy with an emphasis on cannabis retail. This is the fourth in a series of conversations with the team from Vetrina Group as we take a deep look at the future of cannabis retail. In this conversation, Raymer will dive into the key attributes of hiring a store manager for a cannabis retail store – and how those attributes have changed over time. Raymer is joined by Lisa Bigioni who was a round 1 cannabis retail lottery winner in Ontario – and subsequently opened Choom in Niagara Falls. Now, Bigoni is in the process of opening a number of cannabis retail stores in Scarborough, Ontario.

It’s a serious business. It’s not just selling weed. It’s serving customers who are nervous about going into a store. I’ve had friends say, “Will you please come in with me? Because I don’t know what to expect.” People are nervous to go into the store and especially with this additional layer of COVID, there’s: How am I going to be received? Are they going to be wearing masks? Am I going to have to touch anything? So we really do have to treat it like it is a very serious business and we’re doing some really good work and some really good things for our customers who are looking for it. It’s all part of that big picture. – Lisa Bigioni, Stok’d

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