April Showers Bring May Flowers

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We know that April showers bring May flowers. And we also know that the cannabis industry loves their flower…

Another week of social distancing – at least in most places. But the cannabis industry continues on.

Some news about business relief that may (or may not) help cannabis businesses – in both Canada and the US.

New cannabis stores in Ontario have opened up – and more may be on the horizon.

And even during this challenging time, some business moves are happening!

Read on…


Two medical cannabis stories to start things off: 

One from The Growth Op talks about the myths (and realities) of what medical cannabis can do. The Growth Op

And, one from Israel where a company is applying for a clinical trial to see how CBD helps treat COVID-19. iCAN

To some business-y news:

Clever Leaves and Canopy Growth signed a regional (Latinu America) supply deal last week. News Release

Flowr raised $20 million last week via convertible debenture. New Cannabis Ventures

As the US tries to provide support and stimulus during the pandemic, one Congressman is trying to get legal cannabis businesses included in funding schemes. Marijuana Moment

A rent support plan in Canada to help those paying commercial rents will, unfortunately, miss some/many cannabis retailers. MJ Biz Daily

Ontario will continue issuing licenses, even during the state of emergency. Which is good news for would-be retailers. MJ Biz Daily

Speaking of which:

A new store in Toronto opened up in Kensington Market. BlogTO called it “controversial” – but things have a funny way of going from controversial to essential pretty quickly with cannabis retailers. BlogTo

And post-pandemic, there will (likely) be farm gate stores in Ontario. (Farm gate being the cannabis equivalent of a vineyard opening its doors to the public for wine sales.) MJ Biz Daily

Have a good week everybody. Stay safe.

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