Quick Hits with Douglas Emerson, The Arthritis Society

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Arthritis is a leading cause of chronic pain in Canada – affecting nearly 1 in 6 people.  Canadians are looking for effective pain management options apart from opioids and the majority of medical cannabis applications in Canada are to help manage the daily pains that come from arthritis. The Arthritis Society is focused on providing patients with the education, tools and research to improve quality of life. As part of this mission, they have become leaders in advocating for a better understanding on the potential of cannabis to positively impact the condition. BofC spoke with Douglas Emerson for his reflections on the evolution of their stakeholders interest in medical cannabis, their understanding on treatments choices and how the dialogue on cannabis as an effective treatment option is shifting. Public interest and openness to cannabis as a medical treatment is significant. Earlier this year, BofC released research showing that four out of five Canadians believe that cannabis has potentially beneficial medical uses. To help advance this conversation, The Arthritis Society is hosting, “Medical Cannabis and Chronic Disease” on January 31, 2018 in Windsor, Ontario. They are also live broadcasting the event through their Facebook page. The event, which is sponsored by Aphria, will provide a forum for open and informed conversation on the facts of medical cannabis from access, potential benefits and the necessity of more research – some of which The Arthritis Society is currently funding – to better understand how cannabis can be used as a treatment option. BofC // Quick Hits – Short Interviews on the Timely Industry Issues Of InterestHave an idea for a Quick Hits segment, let us know

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