Quick Hits with Karey Shuhendler, Canadian Nurses Association

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The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) is currently lobbying the Canadian government for $125 million over 5 years – the equivalent of seventy cents for each Canadian – to drive a robust public education campaign to help Canadians better understand the dangers and risks of non-medical cannabis use. Since nurses are in every care setting, from rural to urban and a trusted first point for contact on medical issues, they are as, Karey Shuhendler explained, especially well-positioned to help develop and drive this much needed education campaign. Along side the public education component, Karey talked about the need for funding to also update nurses on the risks and effects of recreational cannabis. A 2017 CNA national survey found that many nurses feel they have a knowledge gap in terms of the new and various methods of cannabis consumption, the risks and impact of cannabis use during pregnancy and how it influences mental health and addiction. Earlier this year, BofC released research showing that Canadians are also actively looking for more public education on and from the cannabis industry, making the CNA’s initiative a timely and necessary one for the industry to support. BofC // Quick Hits – Short Interviews on the Timely Industry Issues Of InterestHave an idea for a Quick Hits segment, let us know

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