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Canada is on the cusp of an incredible moment in our collective industrial and economic history. The July 2018 commitment to legalize recreational cannabis means that a sophisticated, profitable and economically impactful sector is about to emerge – and in a form that is markedly different than the shadowy and questionable illegal market that many Canadians still associate with cannabis. Canada’s cohesive national approach to legalization is attracting global attention, talent and investment. By contrast, the state-by-state patchwork approach being applied in the United States, coupled with restrictive banking and interstate legislation, is leading to hindered growth. Cannabis is already fostering a new class of innovative, high tech and world-class start-ups. This is the sector and these are the companies that are creating the next generation of interesting, challenging and well-paying jobs, the ones that will employ our children and help secure Canada’s prosperity in the years ahead. For rural areas and small towns, the cannabis sector has already been a form of economic rejuvenation; towns like Duncan, BC, Smith Falls, Ontario and Le Duc, Alberta have all benefited from the introduction of new, high tech, industrial businesses. This is just the beginning. Our goal at Business of Cannabis is to provide a dedicated platform to follow the growth and evolution of this dynamic and disruptive industry. Through news, insights, research and analysis as well as profiles and special features, we are looking forward to bringing a deeper understanding to the business side of this fascinating sector. We hope you will join us. Reva Seth Jay Rosenthal Blaine Pearson

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